Benefits of Boarding Schools

There is a lot of misinformation about boarding schools. This article seeks to demystify myths and highlight the benefits of taking a child to a boarding school. There are different types of boarding schools, for example, private academies, military schools, religious schools, and community boarding schools. While there is a myth that a boarding school is strict and creates a suffocating environment for the learners, the opposite is true. While it is no one-size-fits-all, there are highlighted characteristics of a boarding school. Here are some of the attributes we could give to a boarding school without meaning to be pessimistic.


Attributes of Boarding School

Creates an open-minded community: depending on which side of the globe you reside in, you have heard some people say boarding schools are strict. The picture painted by the term highlights a misconception doing rounds that boarding schools equal exposing your child to suffocation, which is not the case. A boarding school encourages learners to explore who they are and be what they want. Children in boarding study a variety of subjects and are free to join other extracurricular activities they are interested in. A school that gives learners freedom of expression and trusts in them to make meaningful decisions is the right place to shape our future leaders.

Safe environment: not every child will have peace of mind until they are assured of their child’s safety. A school that takes the safety of learners seriously while children are allowed to explore who they are, plus offering a supportive environment and guidance is what every parent wants for their child. While we admire a strict environment like the ones that mould learners the right way, students with some freedom of expression allow children to have some level of critical thinking and a culture of effective communication which in turn fosters creativity.

Opportunity to interact: children in boarding schools come from different backgrounds and they interact. Schools help build a fair playground for students coming from varied backgrounds and cultures. A boarding is cognizant of different cultures and backgrounds and allows each one to worship without interference. A great boarding school celebrates diversity and different cultures and allows them to adapt to their new home.

A solid foundation for future success: boarding schools provide a solid foundation for children to build on for future career success. Children in boarding schools adapt to living away from parents gives a fair opportunity for them to learn life skills and soldier on to become responsible citizens. They have a chance to study and build their careers without interference and are bound to excel in their final exams more than those studying in day schools. When they proceed to further education, it is easy for them to adapt to living away from home because they have been away from home anyway apart from holidays and school breaks.

Guidance and mentorship: apart from teachers, children in boarding schools have the privilege of guidance and mentorship unlike those in day schools whose main mentors are parents and teachers. Often the schools organize for different speakers and mentors to mould the lives of these potential future leaders.

Boarding schools are better than day schools in many ways, class performance and confidence being one of the characteristics parents taking their kids to day school should admire.


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