Importance of Narre Warren Early Learning Programs

The foundation for lifelong health, behaviour, and learning starts in the early years of a child. The child’s ability to respond to everyday challenges and stressors, to get along with others, and to learn is shaped during the early years.

It is why the importance of early learning cannot be stated enough. The findings of studies pointing to the importance of early learning have made many parents in Narre Warren aware of this.

Yet, how can Narre Warren’s early learning programs make a difference in the lives of children? What are the possible benefits gained by the children when they are made to attend early learning programs?


What is an Early Learning Education?


The time between the birth of a child up to the time he starts kindergarten is seen as early learning education. The preparation for learning the necessary skills happens during this period of a child’s life. Interests discovered by the child during this time last for a lifetime.

It is why choosing the right preschool learning education for a child during this time is crucial.


Benefits of an Early Learning Education


Studies have found that children develop a large part of their brain before they start kindergarten. It has been seen that children not exposed to early learning are likely to fall behind in kindergarten. And that falling behind happens not only in kindergarten but in their entire educational journey?

This statistic tells parents one thing: that children made to attend early learning education are better prepared for kindergarten than those who never did.

While enrolling a child in early learning education is an added cost, parents should view this as a sound investment for the future of their children. Here’s why:

Social skill development

Social skill development in children happens when they are exposed to early learning education. Important skills such as waiting for their turn, sharing, and listening are learned during this time.

The stories, songs, and games used by pre-school teachers teach children important interacting skills. Play activities as part of the curriculum teach children crucial social skills that help them through life.

Being taught the positive way of coping with their feelings allows children to learn the right way of expressing their emotions. Listening skills are acquired when children work in groups. Patience is also taught when children learn to take a turn with others.

Enhanced academic performance

Children perform better in kindergarten when they have experienced pre-school education. Better reading and math skills are seen in children who had access to early learning before kindergarten.

Studies have also discovered that children made to attend early learning classes are likely to graduate from high school.

Acquire enhanced confidence and self-esteem

Positive reinforcement from teachers and the educational curriculum of quality early learning programs are provided for children. The positive interactions they experience with their peers and teachers also help to build self-esteem and confidence.

The confidence learned by children attending pre-school education will carry them through their life’s journey.

Develop enhanced concentration

Young children have short attention spans. Giving children access to early education helps to develop their concentration spans. Being able to concentrate on the task at hand is a skill that is taught and developed in early education learning.


The multiple benefits provided by early learning educated cannot be overstated. Learn more about Narre Warren early learning programs by contacting us.





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