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Telltale signs of a great childcare centre in Brunswick

Every parent must make sure that they have selected the right early learning centre for their kids in Brunswick. However many parents usually have a hard time when they are selecting early learning centres especially due to their high numbers.

As a parent, you need to know that the early learning centre that you select for your child determines the academic success of your kid in the early learning centre. Therefore for the sake of your kid’s academic success, you must make sure that you select the right early learning centre.


Things That Tell You That You Have Found the Right Early Learning Centre for Your Kid in Brunswick

The number of early learning centres in Brunswick is usually high and therefore, you need to know what tells you a good early learning centre from a bad one. Fortunately, several things will tell you if an early learning centre is the right one for your kid or not. Some of these things include;

  • Recommendation

When you are looking for an early learning centre for your kid in Brunswick, you need to seek recommendations from other parents. These parents have first-hand experience of a certain early learning centre. Asking for recommendations will help you to find a good early learning centre soon and avoid selecting the bad ones.

  • Security

When you get some recommendations you should visit the early learning centre so that you can also have a look at them. Every parent wants to take their kid to the right early learning centre in Brunswick. When you visit the early learning centre but the security is awful it is a sign that the early learning centre is not ideal for your kid. Instead, it should be a secure one.

  • Staff

Every early learning centre has different types of employees that carry out different duties.  However, most of these staff usually engage with the kids in different ways. You have to make sure that you consider enquiring about the competency of these staff in the early learning centre. An ideal early learning centre usually has competent staff despite what role they play in the early learning centre.

  • Location

One of the things that most parents fail to consider when they are selecting early learning centres for their kids in Brunswick is the location of the early learning centre. You have to be very careful to ensure that you select an early learning centre that is in an ideal location. For this reason, if you find an early learning centre that is near your home or place of work, then it is a great one for your kid.

  • Program

Most early learning centres in Brunswick usually have a certain focus on their curriculum. Whether the curriculum is academic or developmental you must check on the focus of the early learning centre you select. The early learning centre you select in Brunswick should have a program that caters to the needs of your kid.

How Long Should You Take to Select an Early Learning Centre in Brunswick?

Time usually determines whether you select the right early learning centre for your kid or not. While most parents usually think that selecting an early learning centre is urgent, you should make sure that you take all the time that you need to ensure that you select the right early learning centre. Taking your time helps you avoid any mistakes that may hinder you from identifying the right for your early learning centre. We recommend that you check out Happy Hippo. Give them a call today.




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Importance of Narre Warren Early Learning Programs

The foundation for lifelong health, behaviour, and learning starts in the early years of a child. The child’s ability to respond to everyday challenges and stressors, to get along with others, and to learn is shaped during the early years.

It is why the importance of early learning cannot be stated enough. The findings of studies pointing to the importance of early learning have made many parents in Narre Warren aware of this.

Yet, how can Narre Warren’s early learning programs make a difference in the lives of children? What are the possible benefits gained by the children when they are made to attend early learning programs?


What is an Early Learning Education?


The time between the birth of a child up to the time he starts kindergarten is seen as early learning education. The preparation for learning the necessary skills happens during this period of a child’s life. Interests discovered by the child during this time last for a lifetime.

It is why choosing the right preschool learning education for a child during this time is crucial.


Benefits of an Early Learning Education


Studies have found that children develop a large part of their brain before they start kindergarten. It has been seen that children not exposed to early learning are likely to fall behind in kindergarten. And that falling behind happens not only in kindergarten but in their entire educational journey?

This statistic tells parents one thing: that children made to attend early learning education are better prepared for kindergarten than those who never did.

While enrolling a child in early learning education is an added cost, parents should view this as a sound investment for the future of their children. Here’s why:

Social skill development

Social skill development in children happens when they are exposed to early learning education. Important skills such as waiting for their turn, sharing, and listening are learned during this time.

The stories, songs, and games used by pre-school teachers teach children important interacting skills. Play activities as part of the curriculum teach children crucial social skills that help them through life.

Being taught the positive way of coping with their feelings allows children to learn the right way of expressing their emotions. Listening skills are acquired when children work in groups. Patience is also taught when children learn to take a turn with others.

Enhanced academic performance

Children perform better in kindergarten when they have experienced pre-school education. Better reading and math skills are seen in children who had access to early learning before kindergarten.

Studies have also discovered that children made to attend early learning classes are likely to graduate from high school.

Acquire enhanced confidence and self-esteem

Positive reinforcement from teachers and the educational curriculum of quality early learning programs are provided for children. The positive interactions they experience with their peers and teachers also help to build self-esteem and confidence.

The confidence learned by children attending pre-school education will carry them through their life’s journey.

Develop enhanced concentration

Young children have short attention spans. Giving children access to early education helps to develop their concentration spans. Being able to concentrate on the task at hand is a skill that is taught and developed in early education learning.


The multiple benefits provided by early learning educated cannot be overstated. Learn more about Narre Warren early learning programs by contacting us.





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Benefits of Boarding Schools

There is a lot of misinformation about boarding schools. This article seeks to demystify myths and highlight the benefits of taking a child to a boarding school. There are different types of boarding schools, for example, private academies, military schools, religious schools, and community boarding schools. While there is a myth that a boarding school is strict and creates a suffocating environment for the learners, the opposite is true. While it is no one-size-fits-all, there are highlighted characteristics of a boarding school. Here are some of the attributes we could give to a boarding school without meaning to be pessimistic.


Attributes of Boarding School

Creates an open-minded community: depending on which side of the globe you reside in, you have heard some people say boarding schools are strict. The picture painted by the term highlights a misconception doing rounds that boarding schools equal exposing your child to suffocation, which is not the case. A boarding school encourages learners to explore who they are and be what they want. Children in boarding study a variety of subjects and are free to join other extracurricular activities they are interested in. A school that gives learners freedom of expression and trusts in them to make meaningful decisions is the right place to shape our future leaders.

Safe environment: not every child will have peace of mind until they are assured of their child’s safety. A school that takes the safety of learners seriously while children are allowed to explore who they are, plus offering a supportive environment and guidance is what every parent wants for their child. While we admire a strict environment like the ones that mould learners the right way, students with some freedom of expression allow children to have some level of critical thinking and a culture of effective communication which in turn fosters creativity.

Opportunity to interact: children in boarding schools come from different backgrounds and they interact. Schools help build a fair playground for students coming from varied backgrounds and cultures. A boarding is cognizant of different cultures and backgrounds and allows each one to worship without interference. A great boarding school celebrates diversity and different cultures and allows them to adapt to their new home.

A solid foundation for future success: boarding schools provide a solid foundation for children to build on for future career success. Children in boarding schools adapt to living away from parents gives a fair opportunity for them to learn life skills and soldier on to become responsible citizens. They have a chance to study and build their careers without interference and are bound to excel in their final exams more than those studying in day schools. When they proceed to further education, it is easy for them to adapt to living away from home because they have been away from home anyway apart from holidays and school breaks.

Guidance and mentorship: apart from teachers, children in boarding schools have the privilege of guidance and mentorship unlike those in day schools whose main mentors are parents and teachers. Often the schools organize for different speakers and mentors to mould the lives of these potential future leaders.

Boarding schools are better than day schools in many ways, class performance and confidence being one of the characteristics parents taking their kids to day school should admire.


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Top Things to Consider in the Choice of Daycare Deception Bay

Perhaps one of the biggest milestones of parents in Deception Bay is sending their children off to daycare, Deception Bay. Choosing the best daycare, Deception Bay for their children can be a challenging and overwhelming task for parents.

Feeling anxious is the top emotional challenge parents face with the thought of leaving their children to the care of other people. However, the engaging, friendly, and safe environment provided by good daycare centres is enough to assuage the most anxious parent.

Choosing the right daycare for your precious child can be challenging. However, knowing the important things to consider helps to make the right choice.

With this said, here are the top points to look for in daycare to help you make the right choice.

Referrals and recommendations

Talking to other parents is one of the best ways to get an excellent daycare for your child. Personal recommendation from friends, family and other parents helps to narrow down your search. Asking these people recommendations about potential daycare centres in your list allows you to discover if they are above or below par.

Online research is also a good way to get a bird’ eye view of potential daycare centres. Visiting the website of the various daycare centres allows you to see their programs. Pay close attention to reviews and parents and any red flags.

Curriculum and program

It’s never too early for a child to begin learning. It means that the most important thing to consider in your choice of daycare is their curriculum and program. This allows you to discover if the lessons taught are appropriate to your child’s age.

Taking time to visit a potential daycare is the best way to find if their learning programs are geared to your child’s developmental stage and age. You’ll also be able to find out if their program includes ample time for play activities.

You can also ask if you’ll be regularly updated on the developmental progress of your child.

Interaction between student and teacher

Your visit should include an assessment of the staff and teachers of the daycare. It’s always a smart thing to know more about the experience and educational background of the teachers. The important credentials to look for with teachers are whether they have been trained and certified in infection control, first aid, and CPR.

Observe the interaction between students and teachers on your visit. Observe the words and body language used by teachers while interacting with their students. Pay close attention as well to the response of the children to their teachers.

The environment of the school

The environment of the school is another important factor to include in the equation. A welcoming and warm environment is always a hallmark of a good daycare. Another important consideration is the safety of the location. It’s best to find out if the school has security and safety measures when it comes to protecting the children. Are the outdoor, buildings, playground and classrooms safe places for children? Do you see any safety hazards that could stop you from considering the daycare? Checking out these things ensures making the perfect choice of daycare for your child.

Gut feelings should never be ignored when it comes to choosing the perfect daycare for your child. Why choose DayOne daycare? To make the right decision, do your due diligence.



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Five benefits of sending your child to a childcare centre

Consistently, a large number of youngsters will giggle, learn, and play at one of the great many kid care offices. Childcare is an extraordinary choice both for guardians who have occupied plans for getting work done and for their kids who can acquire from childcare’s many advantages. Decent childcare centres will give your youngsters a safe and supporting spot to investigate their general surroundings while additionally mastering and acquiring significant abilities expected to flourish both in school and throughout everyday life.


Here are five benefits of putting your youngster in a childcare centre


1. Social Skills


Going to childcare permits kids to foster social abilities from the get-go which are significant for their social and enthusiastic turn of events. Figuring out how to manage others permits kids to develop and to start to construct their socializing skills, the simpler it will turn into. Collaborating consistently with different children implies figuring out how to more readily identify with their friends and better understanding their feelings and methods of taking care of issues.


Another way children can benefit socially and genuinely is by learning significant qualities from the get-go like sharing, cooperating, thoughtfulness, and regard for other people. These attributes will become priceless as they progress through the formative years and into adulthood.


2. Confidence


At the point when kids interface with individuals other than their folks, regardless of whether friends or grown-up parental figures, they figure out how to trust others and be more certain with themselves. This can diminish division uneasiness when children start school. Little youngsters experience issues understanding the idea of time, which can prompt sensations of tension when isolated from their folks. Through the day-to-day schedule of drawing in with one more gathering of strong grown-up parental figures and association of different children around them can assist them with conquering fears of being isolated from their mother and father.


3. Intellectual abilities


Youngsters can benefit intellectually from the exercises and learning games presented at a quality kid care focus. They will master language abilities, shadings and numbers, and then some. Also, youngsters acquire and foster deduction abilities by playing and investigating the world through their interests. A decent childcare office will incorporate a few kinds of learning practices every day, regularly camouflaged as “play” so youngsters are bound to partake in the learning system.


4. Insusceptibility to Illnesses


One more regularly neglected benefit of childcare is that kids are more presented with diseases, which can develop their insusceptibility to them. This can mean fewer days off during the impending school years. Likewise, a decent youngster care office will show understudies the significance of appropriate cleanliness procedures, from how and when to clean up to the legitimate method to clean out their noses and discard tissues.


5. Discipline


The construction and routine in kid care offices give kids a feeling of dependability and commonality every day. Most projects follow set timetables for nibble time, rests, and exercises. This imparts a standard that shows kids discipline around their day-to-day errands and a feeling of consistency that permits them to feel all the more sincerely secure. Using time productively is regularly referred to as one of the keys to accomplishment throughout everyday life and mastering this significant ability as a youngster can assemble a propensity that will convey all through a youngster’s whole life.


The time that a kid goes through at a childcare centre can be extremely fulfilling, passing on them with significant abilities notwithstanding long stretches of fun and associating with different children. The right childcare office can give a safe, supporting climate for kids that will assist with setting them up for school and then some.


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Reasons why you should shop for Fabriano Artistico watercolor paper

People who love artwork have to ensure that they are working with the right tools of work. A watercolour paper is among the things that one must have if one loves the artwork Today, there are so many watercolour papers that different brands provide for the people who deal with artistic work.


You should know that the watercolour paper that you buy will always determine the quality of the work that you will achieve by the end of the day. For this reason, you have to make sure that you select an excellent watercolour paper that will help you achieve high-quality work. Fabriano Artistico watercolor paper or the watercolour paper you will find in the market today when shopping for your watercolor papers.


Should I shop for Fabriano Artistico watercolor paper?

When selecting the watercolour paper, there are so many things that you need to think about to ensure that you do not select the wrong paper. It would help if you found out whether Fabriano Artistico watercolor paper is an excellent watercolor paper so that you can decide whether you should invest in it whenever you go to the market next time. To do these, you must learn several qualities that make this watercolor paper a great one for your artistic work. Until then, it may be challenging for you to buy this watercolor paper, even if it’s the only one in the market.


Is Fabriano Artistico watercolor paper an excellent investment for your artistic work?

You need to learn as much information about all the watercolours you get in the market. This article will look at several reasons why Fabriano watercolor paper has become a popular paper today and why it’s an excellent watercolor paper for both regular artists and professional artists.


  • It features an excellent quality

One important thing that you must check for in the watercolor paper you select is its quality.  You do not want to buy a low-quality watercolor which will mess with the quality of your work.  Instead, you must make sure that you invest in high-quality watercolor papers like Fabriano Artistico watercolor paper. The quality of this watercolor paper is high since it is acid-free, making it endure for ages. Whenever you paint anything on Fabriano Artistico watercolor paper, you are always assured that you have made a durable painting since the paper lasts long without getting any damages.


  • Its content is superb

You should also take a look at the content that makes the watercolor paper you want to buy. Most of the watercolor papers are usually made using cellulose fibre and water.  However, Fabriano Artistico watercolor paper-like other excellent watercolor papers, are made using 100% cotton.  The cotton content makes the paper strong and pliable, which allows for permanency. The cotton content also ensures that you can use scrapping, scrubbing, and masking techniques when using the Fabriano Artistico watercolor paper.


  • Mould-made

Watercolour papers can either be handmade, machine-made, or mould made.  All these methods of making the papers make them different. For instance, machine-made papers are cheap and not durable, while mould-made and handmade watercolour papers are robust, stable, and durable. Therefore Fabriano Artistico watercolor paper never gets distorted when you wash them. Their stability and durability make them favourable for every artist.


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The A to Z of successful child care in Crestmead

Every parent wants to make sure that they provide their kids with everything that they need. For this reason, when one starts a family and is blessed with a kid or kids, they have to go back to work after a certain time, but they must look for someone to take care of their kids. Finding someone who can take care of your kid from your house can be a great challenge, which is why most parents choose to take their kids to a child care centre. Whenever any parent is looking for a child care centre for their kids in Crestmead, they do not just select any child care centre they come across. Instead, they go for the best child care facilities where they are sure that their kids will be given the utmost care that they need.


The qualities of a successful child care facility in Crestmead

With the rising demand for child care facilities, more and more people in Crestmead are starting child care centres. However, you have to make your child care facility exceptional to have most of the parents bringing their kids to your facility. This is why you must know all the A to Z of a successful child care facility. With the following information, it could be easier for you to make the required changes to improve your facility. They are all the things that parents will look for when selecting a child care facility for their kids. Please consider the following things when you are starting or running your child care facility in Crestmead to have a successful business.


  • Reliable and competent staff

Some people are employed in every child care facility to do certain jobs in these facilities, including caregiving. When most people employ their staff, they do not want to look for people who will charge them more for their services. This is why they will look for incompetent staff to work in their facilities. Instead, it would be best if you were willing to invest in your staff to have a successful child care centre. When you have reliable and competent staff, you will offer high-quality services that the parents will want to be offered to their kids.


  • Clean and hygienic environment

The other thing you must think about when you have a child care centre in Crestmead is the level of hygiene or cleanliness in these environments where you want kids to be staying. To have a successful facility, you must have a child-friendly environment that must be clean and hygienic.


  • Equipment and supplies

It’s also important to ensure that you list all the important equipment and supplies in a child care centre. This is to make sure that you equip your child care with the right resources that these kids will require. All parents will take their kids to a fully equipped child care facility, which you need for your success.


  • Great location

An ideal location is also another thing that will determine whether your facility is successful or not. It’s always important for you to look for the most suitable location for your child care facility. Ensure that the location you select also suits parents when they bring their kids to the facility.


Can I be the cause of the failure of my child care centre in Crestmead?

You must know that you can make your business fail when you do things the wrong way.  For this reason, you have to ensure that you do all the things that have been discussed above. Also, know how to handle any challenge that comes your way as you run your child care facility.

Contact Play and Learn child care facility.




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4 reasons why art is important for preschoolers

Parents often take art as an optional activity for their preschoolers. On the contrary, art has been proven to be one of those crucial stimuli that aids with the development of your child’s interpersonal as well as intrapersonal skills. Let us find out four major reasons art helps preschoolers get better equipped with life skills.
Helps develop Fine motor skills
Many preschoolers these days, when admitted in a school, find it difficult to do some basic tasks such as hold a pencil or grab a cup. Their inability to do so is related to the under-development of their small muscles and thus require attention towards their fine motor skills.

Certain activities while making art such as the cutting of paper using scissors, creating doodles with crayons, or painting using fingers, helps engage these small muscles in your preschoolers. With time, this use of fingers, wrists and hands tends to strengthen their muscles, so that the activities that they were struggling with, starts getting easier for them.

Aids in Decision Making

As preschoolers create art, they are faced with certain situations that demand them to make critical decisions. Should they tear the page with hands or should they use scissors? Should they finger paint the project or use a paint brush. Decisions like these instills in your children the ability to think critically and solve complex problems.

The exploration of various art forms then translates into the later parts of your preschooler’s lives. When faced with multiple choices and exposed to newer experiences, they are better adept at making choices and solving problems. This is primarily because all art forms require students to showcase intense focus and body-mind coordination.

Helps develop Math skills

Art activities have been known to help children learn and develop math skills. When preschoolers tend to draw something, they usually struggle to explain what they made. This is where their preschool melbourne mentors can help them learn the appropriate names of colors, shapes and materials, with which to describe their creation.

Your children will then find themselves wondering and exploring the shapes, their sizes and the colors that best represent what they were trying to draw and express in the first place. This learning through play methodology is more effective in helping children learn math skills than most other activities.

Similarly, other art forms such as an engagement with musical practices tend to help your child get familiar with certain mathematical concepts as well. The beats, melody and rhythm of music are often seen to possess mathematical principles such as patterning, sequencing, counting and so on.

Helps develop Language skills

Where we talked about artistic activities developing math skills within your young ones, one cant miss the fact that they are also developing language skills in the process. The idea lies in the description of their artistic endeavors.

When your preschoolers are encouraged to have a discussion over their artistic expression, they often struggle to find the right words to express their feelings. This struggle is what encourages them to accidentally develop their language skills in the process.

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Is my child developing normally?

Each child grows at a different pace. Children in Africa develop differently than in Europe, in Asia differently than in America. Some children show more courageous behavior, others are more fearful, some are already walking at 12 months, others do not speak before the age of 2. However, despite these major discrepancies, there are stages of development that apply to all babies in our cultural area, some of which reach earlier than others.

Parents can only partially support their child’s language development. However, in the first months of life, the baby is very pleased to hear that the parents respond to him and imitate the sounds he produces, or teach him new ones. In this period it is not essential to use the “baby language”: you can speak normally with your baby. Generally, he likes to hear your voice and the sound of simple speeches. Between 3 and 6 months, the baby begins to interact with toys that produce sounds or noises. Also, he likes to hear your comments on what’s going on, such as: “But how soft the sheep is.”

Perception, language and thought
The child manifests his needs very early. At 3 months, your baby cries differently depending on the reason (hunger, anger, boredom) and needs you to recognize what his needs are. But she doesn’t just cry: she hens and laughs often. At 6 months, he mumbles in different tones and is able to recognize other people’s moods.

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Baby care

Surely a baby is less fragile than one might think; however, any caress or touch must be gentle and carefully executed. Changing the diaper, bathing, massaging and caring for the baby are excellent methods to promote physical contact as intense as it is precious: if the skin, the most developed sensory organ in this moment, receives so much caresses and attention, it saves them in the his memory and can use this information in future interactions or relationships.

Change the diaper

  • Change the dirty diaper as soon as possible to avoid skin irritation or even infections. Also in the morning after waking up, in the evening before going to bed and after every meal you have to change the diaper.
  • Most babies need 6 to 8 diapers a day; in the first weeks even 10.
  • The use of cloth diapers or disposable ones depends only on your personal tastes and beliefs. Both products have advantages and disadvantages .
  • Changing diapers takes a long time; it is therefore very important that you use this time to the fullest: to be close to your child, cuddle him, play and joke with him. Caresses, tickles, a nice song and being looked into your eyes will please your child as much as you will! You can decorate the changing table area with drawings or hang a mobile from the ceiling.
  • Make sure the changing table is at the right height so you don’t have to bend your back. Equally important is that the changing table is well secured to prevent your baby from falling over, even when it starts to get livelier. Never leave your baby unattended on the changing table.

The baby bath

  • Not all children love water from the first moment. However, depending on the character, they can quickly get used to it.
  • Just bathe your baby once a week for no more than 10 minutes. The skin of babies dries sooner than that of adults.
  • To prevent delicate skin from drying out, you can use baby oil with which you can massage your baby after bath. If, on the other hand, you use oil-based bath products there is a risk that your child may slip out of your hands. In any case, creams and oils should be used sparingly and applied only to dry or irritated skin (see “Cosmetic products”).
  • Only bathe your child after the navel has healed, i.e. when it no longer purges.
  • The important thing is that you always hold your child tightly and support his head during the bath. You can place a hand on your back and support the back of your neck and head so as not to let it fall into the water; use your other hand to wash it gently.
  • Keep a towel (preferably with a hood) close at hand so you can wrap your baby immediately after bath.


  • The massage wonderfully relaxes the little one, plus it is an ancient tradition. Blocks stress hormones and activates immune cells. This results in a strengthening of his immune system.
  • Massages have a calming effect even in cases of colic and constipation.
  • It is understood that the massage can only be done if your child likes it. As for the bath, even the massage can like it or not.
  • Forgo the massage if your child was vaccinated the same day or the day before; there is an infection or other medical condition.
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